The bonus question for 4/18/11 is:
If you consecutively slept one night in each room (excluding bathrooms) of the Palace of the Light of Faith, how many years would it take you to sleep in them all?

How to find the answer:
Search [palace of the light of faith] and learn that it's the largest residence in the world. Find out that the residence has 1531 rooms, excluding bathrooms. Divide 1531 by 365. The answer is
4.19 years.

The bonus question for 4/19/11 is:
You live next to the Cam. There are approximately 105,594 of others just like you. What do other members of your nationality call your people?
How to find the answer:
Search [the Cam] and learn that it's the river on which Cambridge was built. Search Cambridge population and confirm that it's very close to the number 105,594. Search [nicknames for people from Cambridge] and find several references to Cantabrigians. Search [Cantabrigian] and confirm it's the answer.

The bonus question for 4/20/11 is:
If you were to have a certain type of boiled breakfast, an odd gray-green layer may form around its core. What chemical compound causes this discoloration?
How to find the answer: Searching [boiled breakfast] will get you hard-boiled egg. Searching [hard-boiled egg green] shows the green layer on hard-boiled eggs is a reaction of iron and sulfur. Search [chemical reaction iron and sulfur]. This yields results for Iron (II) Sulfide, the name of the compound.

The bonus question for 4/21/11 is:
How much older is the world’s oldest living Methuselah than the biblical Methuselah?
How to find the answer: Search [biblical Methuselah]. Learn that, according to literal interpretation, the biblical Methuselah is 969 years old. Search [world's oldest Methuselah] to learn that the world's oldest Methuselah is a 4,842-year-old bristlecone pine tree. Subtract 969 from 4,842. The answer is 3,873 years older.

The bonus question for 4/26/11 is:
If a man has two swallows tattooed on his chest, how many inches has he sailed?
How to find the answer: Search [meaning of swallow tattoos on chest]. Results will show it means a sailor has sailed 10,000 nautical miles. Convert nautical miles to inches to discover that a man with two swallows tattooed on his chest has sailed 729,133,858 inches.

The bonus question for 4/29/11 is:
I am Hawaiian and have a conservation status of CR. My cousin, also a CR, is Mediterranean. Our crab-eating cousin, however, has an LC status. Where does he live?

How to find the answer:
Search [conservation status cr] and learn that it means "critically endangered." Search [critically endangered Hawaii]. Results yield Hawaiian monk seal. Search [crab eating seal] and learn that the crabeater seal lives in Antarctica and has an LC status, indicating "least concern."

The bonus question for 5/2/11 is:
How long is the river bordering the two countries that once were home
to the Hamangia?
How to find the answer: Search [Hamangia]. You will find that the Hamangia culture is a late Neolithic culture that once existed in what is now Romania and Bulgaria. Search [river bordering Romania and Bulgaria]. You will find the answer is the Danube River, which is about 1771 miles long.

The bonus question for 5/3/11 is:
My hottest cousins rank only 10,000 SHUs, but my haunting potency ranks one hundred times higher. What am I?

How to find the answer:
Search [SHUs]. Find out that SHU stands for Scoville Heat Unit, which is used to rank peppers. Look up the Scoville scale for peppers and find out that the Naga Jolokia pepper, or Ghost Chili, has an SHU of 1,000,000.

The bonus question for 5/5/11 is:
What animal lives in the Yangtze River and is represented by its own rare Xingyiquan form?

How to find the answer:
Search [Yangtze]. Find out that it's a river in China. Search [Xingyiquan]. Find out that it's a Wudang style of Chinese martial arts. One of its less common forms is the crocodile form. Further searching reveals that this form represents the Chinese alligator.

The bonus question for 5/6/11 is:
You are standing in the farthest west U.S. town with a population of one person. What is the speed limit?

How to find the answer:
Search [towns in U.S. with population of one]. Learn that there are four such towns in the U.S., and Lost Springs, WY, is the farthest west. Search [Lost Springs, WY] in Google Maps. Use Google Streetview (there's only one street), and see that the speed limit is 30 mph.

The bonus question for 5/9/11 is:
If you stood in the shadow of the High One, you might be on the lookout for the Big Five. What would you be trying to see?

How to find the answer:
Search [the High One] to learn it’s Denali. Search [Denali Big Five] to find you'd be looking
for five wildlife species: caribou, moose, wolves, Dall sheep and grizzly bears.

The bonus question for 5/10/11 is:
You are in the United States, but you are closer to China than your friend in Wellington, NZ. How is that possible?

How to find the answer:
Go to Google Maps to see which part of the United States could be closer to China than New Zealand is to China. See that some of the Aleutian Islands in Alaska are farther west than New Zealand. Search [westernmost Aleutian Islands]. Find out that you must be standing on Alaska's Near Islands.

The bonus question for 5/11/11 is:
The same man who illustrated "Princess Parizade Bringing Home the Singing Tree" also illustrated a cover for Harper's Weekly. What hole of golf are the men playing on that cover?
The bonus question for 5/12/11 is:
If you stacked $20 bills until you reached $1 million, would the stack be higher than the rim of a basketball hoop?