Mr. Olson's 7th grade Math Wiki
Welcome to our wiki. We are a small school district in Western New York. If you would like more information about our school you can visit the website here: Randolph Home Page

This is a new wiki where I will be connecting to all of my student's wikis. The students created these wikis in 6th grade. They are now carrying them on to 7th grade. This year they will be adding math information on their wikis. They will be creating a Math dictionary of important terms and example problems. Please check out the student's wikis and mine and feel free to leave some feedback. We would like to hear from you!

Check the discussion tab to see what we are talking about. Our students discuss everything from Math to issues in our school.

To get some more information about class and to get help on the homework Become a fan of my Facebook page

If you need to submit an assignment online you can use the following link: submit assignment The password is rcsmath7.

Students if you need help on the homework click on the link to the left at top called homework help. It will take you to a page with videos of myself explaining example problems.

Here is a map to see where people are when they look at our site.

Here are the new voicethreads and movies the students made to review geometry vocabulary 2011.

This is a video of our students using hopscotch to remember the order of operations.

If you need a calculator here is one you can use!

If you have some time the following is a video called the Last Lecture. A professor from Carnegie Mellon University that was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer gave his last lecture about achieving childhood dreams. It is an excellent speech! There was also a book written by the speaker after this lecture was given, by the same title, it's an excellent book and a quick read if you are interested.

If you have a few free minutes the following is an excellent video a high school student made called Mathmaticious. It's very funny!