Here are some videos to help you with your homework. If you were absent or just need a review of what we were doing check out these videos.
Rational and Irrational numbers

Pythagorean Theorem

Surface Area


Squares and Square roots

Translations, Reflections, and Dilations


Parallel lines

Circumference and Area of a Circle

Product of Powers Rule

Quotient of Powers Rule (1st 4:40) Power of Zero (rest of video)

Negative Exponents (1st 5:10)

Scientific Notation



Mean, Median, Mode, Range

Circle and Line Graphs

Probability and Odds

Fundamental Counting Principle and Tree Diagrams

Independent and Dependent Events

Volume notes

Area of a triangle

Area of a trapezoid

Area of a rectangle

Area of a square

Area of a Parallelogram

Problem solving plan (1.7)

Frequency tables and histograms (1.1)

Order of Operations (1.2)

Writing Expressions (1.3)

Powers and Exponents (1.4)

Solving equation mentally (1.5)

Using Formulas (1.6)

Integers and Absolute Value (2.1)

Coordinate System (2.8)

Adding Integers video (2.2)

Subtracting Integers video (2.3)

Multiplying and Dividing Integers (2.4 & 2.5)

Properties of Numbers (5-9)

Solving addition and subtraction equations (3.1)

Solving multiplying and dividing equations (3.2)

Solving 2-step equations (3.3)

Multiplying monomials and power rules

Subtracting polynomials

Adding polynomials

Simplifying polynomials (13.1)

Solving equations with combining like terms (6.1)

Solving equations using the distributive property (6.1)

Solving equations with variables on both sides (6.2)

Solving multi-step equations (6.1-6.2)